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9 days of working...

Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe it. We started demo and removing all the items from Magnolia on Saturday (2/20). It’s a good thing we started then because - WOW! Y‘all, I am sooo happy we only had 1 guest in the condo before the renovation!! It was dirty, run down, and just plain- WOW! When I say renovation, that’s exactly what it was, we really didn’t expect to have to do a ton, well- we knew we had a lot to do, but there was sooooo much more that needed to be done that we weren’t expecting. Paint, we decided we liked the existing paint color and we would keep it, touch it up and done- right... NO. They did 1 coat of paint on a color change on textured walls. Y’all, I don’t care how good the paint company says the paint is, you ALWAYS do 2 coats of paint on a color change!! I was brushing touch ups and basically painting the whole wall, so I switched to the roller.. Not only that, but they couldn’t quite decide on the color of the trim or the cabinets... sooo painting trim and cabinets were added!! We don’t just paint the fronts of cabinet doors, we paint the back sides, like you’re suppose to, and paint the little trim around it. I discovered the cabinets were 2 different colors when I was painting a quick coat on them to freshen them up 🤦🏼‍♀️. I just don’t get it. Then the electricity had to almost be completely rewired throughout. a whole new electical panel was addeed, which is extremely time consuming, which doesn’t even get started on all the electrical we added or making sure the W/D were on the now correct amp. Then the tile backsplash, we couldn’t match the grout color they had, and they did a horrendous job at cleaning up after grouting. So trying to clean that up and do a dye job on the old grout to match the new grout was a several day job. cleaning everything before we could even work on it. The hours I was on the phone with Home Depot because of appliances not being delivered, not just for Magnolia but for Three 20s too! The appliances were a complete mess, we had already sold everything because we were told everything was on schedule and would definitely be delivered on time. Yeah.... I won’t be ordering appliances down in gulf shores from Home Depot ever! I will ONLY use Bensons appliances in Foley! They got us all of the appliances for Magnolia and the fridge for Three 20s delivered in just a few hours!!! They really helped us in a big pickle!! Y’all, I’m talking it was Friday afternoon and we were being told our appliances from the depot weren’t coming!!! Then there’s the trips back and forth to Home Depot, Lowe’s, and or Ace, just on Saturday there were 3 trips!! There was at least 1 hardware store trip every single day! And I can maybe only think of 1 or 2 days that we only went 1 time! My new buddy at Lowe’s kept telling me he’d see me the next day. 🙄😆

So here we are its almost 10 on Sunday night and Adam and I are heading home. Not because we’re done, but because we have appointments and work. Mom and Dad are staying a few more days to get things as complete as possible for guests before we’re back down in April. Don’t worry, all the promised amenities are there and you’ll be fully stocked, it’s more things like the owners box not being painted lol. Packing up tonight was horrible, so much to still get done in Magnolia, so many things I wanted to get done and take pictures, and virtual tours, and get a couple more things done in Three 20s. I hate leaving things incomplete and not reaching a goal we had, a goal that would have been attainable if people cared for their condos!! We worked 8am to at least midnight every single day. Is it done, no, BUT it looks a thousand times better even in the disarray it’s currently in.

Here’s some pictures to get y’all excited about what to expect!!

Here’s the front bedroom, this room is MOSTLY done!

Back bedroom or what I call the Master. It still has several things to do in here!

Bathroom is getting closer... still need to connect sink plumbing and install the new light fixture, and decorate.

Then the kitchen and living room, had to crop out all the mess lol.

I can’t wait to get some pics once it’s fully completed!! So , stay tuned! Lol

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