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OK, Who's Ready For The Beach!?

Wow! I feel like it's been forever since I've written a blog! This writer's (not a true writer) block is for real! Anyway, can you believe that we're just a few short weeks away from the Kick Off of the 2022 season!? March 1st is the "unofficial" start to busy season down on the coast. Spring Breakers, join the area, the weather warms up, the Gulf warms up, and the island starts getting busy!

With busy season getting started, we have our annual Work Trip scheduled for the end of February. This year we have some things we're doing in Three 20s - deep cleaning, shampooing couch and recliner, shampooing rugs, deep cleaning floors, touch up painting and re-painting, ALL new bath towels wash cloths and bathroom hand towels, brand new cookware, new beach wagon, Barn Doors to be installed for both closets, AND new mattresses! Flip Floppin' Fun will be getting a deep clean and touch up paint, and I'm sure something that Mom and Dad haven't told us lol! Then in Magnolia, we are ripping out the tub and installing a new tiled walk in shower! This is quite the project and I can't wait to post our updates! Then there's the usual for all the units, new beach chairs, new beach umbrella, and making sure everything is spot on! The new beach umbrella's we are getting are "suppose" to be super wind "proof" - we'll see lol. Praying that we don't have to replace these this year - there were a lot of umbrellas replaced last year.....

Our dining room in our home tends to look pretty crazy leading up to us heading down for these work trips lol. I use it as our "staging" area lol. This isn't even all the tile and grout and other supplies needed for the shower project in Magnolia!

While we are down, the whole complex is doing a work trip to help with the exterior projects AND to touch up paint around the complex too. Then, since we are being more aware, all owners are adding red light bulbs on our front doors to be more Turtle Friendly. We have always provided red light flash lights for our guests to use while walking the beach at night, but the complex needs to help reduce the amount of white lights, so this is one way we are working to help our area.

We will all also be picking up litter around our complex and the neighboring area and metal detecting the sand to help get any metal litter out of the area in front by the wash stations.

Let's see here what else?? OH, we added a pool heater! The pool is heated to a wonderful 85 degrees all winter long and through March and weather depending into April! This has been a huge asset and we love that we can offer this to all of our guests. Another big plus..... THE COMPLEX IS NOW 100% NON-SMOKING!!! This is HUGE! We don't allow the use of tobacco products inside or outside our doors, but now, you don't have to worry about other people coming down to smoke by you or below the condo etc. All of the owners are excited about this, and we can't wait for less litter around the complex!

We're always doing something to help improve our condos and to help your experience with your stay! If you ever have any suggestions, feel free to let us know. We will take them into consideration and you never know what we will decide.

We're excited to start our 4th season and can't wait to host y'all down at the beach!

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