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It's Official!! Magnolia is OURS!!

Yesterday afternoon we officially closed on Magnolia! We are sooo excited to be able to offer a 3rd unit within the same complex to our guests!

Magnolia will have a complete renovation at the end of February. I can not tell you how excited Mom and I are to see this all come together, Dad and Adam, well they're trying to figure out all the details of everything that has to be done and if we can possibly get it all done in 1 week. One of the things we're doing differently is getting the WHOLE renovation done at the same time. Especially with Three 20s we did A LOT the first time we were down, but then realized more and more that needed done and completed bit by bit each year, after our trip this February, the only thing we haven't done to Three 20s are the floors (that's a bit of a hint to Adam lol). Flip Floppin' Fun, we did more in that the first trip down than we did in Three 20s because we had already done Three 20s and knew what else needed to be done. Now with Magnolia, we know it's just easier to do it all at once and not have to worry about what we need to do next time.

What is nice about Magnolia is that we like the paint color that it currently is, so a full paint job will not be necessary, although for some reason things like painting behind the refrigerator and painting the backs of the cabinets weren't done so we get to do silly things like that. What's the phrase? "Do It RIGHT the FIRST time"! These things all take time, but with 4 of us and having done this before, it SHOULD go "basically" as planned. The challenge with doing the renovation this way, is that this time we are not renting a U-Haul to bring everything we've bought from Kanas City down to Gulf Shores. So, it's a dance with delivery dates and hoping that all the steps are in the right place!!

At this point, you're probably asking, "ok, so what will y'all do to it?". Ok, you ready??

  1. Remove ALLLLL existing furniture and all appliances.

  2. Remove cabinets that are on the south wall, take the existing tile all the way up to the ceiling and install floating shelves like what we have in Three 20s and Flip Floppin Fun.

  3. Replace the light above the sink, and replace the light above the dining table.

  4. Remove the bathroom vanity the partial wall that's next to the vanity, and remove the existing flooring. Replace the flooring, fix the wall from what we removed, new vanity, add floating shelves (all similar to Flip Floppin Fun bathroom.) Oh and new light fixture and probably add some lighting in the shower area too.

  5. Add electrical and lighting to both bedroom closets

  6. REMOVE POPCORN CEILING (this is always fun lol)

  7. Remove existing flat panel doors and replace them with paneled doors.

  8. Deep clean

  9. Paint what needs painted and clean up and re-attach cabinet doors etc.

  10. All new wood bed frames, like what we have in Three 20s and Flip Floppin Fun. And new mattresses.

  11. All new dishes, drinkware, cookware, eating utensils, cooking utensils, kitchen supplies, new griddle, crockpot, and coffee maker, new knives, etc.

  12. Brand new dinner table, coffee table, couch, rugs

  13. Install ceiling fan in the living room and replace the ceiling fans in both bedrooms

  14. Add our beach supply storage

  15. Add our owners storage

  16. Add a closet in the kitchen so we can have the washer and dryer in the kitchen instead of the closet like it is now.

  17. All new bedding, linens, etc.

  18. Put together and add the furniture for the balcony

  19. And finishing touches.

  20. Install All new appliances.

I'm sure I'm missing several things in there and of course that doesn't account for any hiccups along the way, or the finer details of how things will actually get done. We are also working on several things here at home that we will then finish putting together once we're down there, like the coffee table and farmhouse table we are building. This is all being done while we receive new appliances in Flip Floppin' Fun and Three 20s too! So all 3 units will have new stainless steel appliances and will all be very nice!! We are also supplying brand new outdoor electric grills for all three units, so those also need to be put together lol.

Between this new condo and all of the building changes, we are extremely excited for our guests! The building is getting a whole new paint job done to it, it's almost done, railings and touch-up are left! The walkways have all been replace, the interior stairwells are also being replaced. A new building sign will be coming down with us. And new fencing will be completed around the complex. We're also getting new pool furniture and some furniture for out on the sand decks.

We can't wait to hear what y'all think of all the changes!!

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