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It's RENOVATION WEEK!!! But first....

You know how it goes, you're trying to get EVERYTHING done before you leave town, like clean ALLLL the clothes, pack the kids for staying at the grandparents, pack the dog stuff for grandma's too. Clean the house so that when the cat sitter and in-laws come by the house looks like you actually did something to it and know how to kinda keep a clean house. The last few weeks have been absolutely INSANE, then add the "real jobs" on top of keeping up with the house, kids, prepping for renovation, and the condo business.

Well last night we got the kids and dog all dropped off, then it was make a couple stops to get cat food since the chewy order for the kitten food wont be in for a few days and she needs food like, now. Then it was playing the worlds best game of "packing tetris"! We managed to get it ALL in the car and we're thankful to the new really cool addition of a hitch and towing basket with cool all weather bag lol.

For the other 2 units we rented u-hauls and made the trip that way. Let me tell you, that is NOT fun towing a big ol' u-haul 15hours! It was miserable in GREAT weather! We decided to leave to head down today because we're literally dodging snow/ice storms from home all the way through Jackson, MS. This was the only day it wasn't going to be actively snowing/ice. You quickly realize that the highways are fine till you hit the cities because the cities aren't concerned about the highways as much..... possibly, I really don't know cause they were terrible in the cities. Then you run into Memphis and south.... yeah, they don't know what snow is or how to deal with it at all. Our 14.5 hour trip (without kids, 15ish hours with kids) is turning into a 17 hour drive..... ugh, I don't think they have plows, if they did, the snow on the roads would be gone due to the temps and the sun!! Looks like we are going to miss out on Mardi Gras at Beach House and miss out on our traditional "arrival bushwackers". Another fun note. The temp at our house was -9* when we left at 5:15am and we got to a balmy 28*. it felt pretty good with the sun lol.

Tomorrow will consist of us going out to breakfast, we still need to figure out which place to hit up. After that we are going to start stripping the doors on all three condos and painting them the new exterior trim color, and add the new keyless entry to Magnolia, which also includes installing the Apple TV there too. Then figure out lunch and dinner. The goal is to eat at places we haven't before.

We have several plans to change a couple things in Three 20s - I think y'all will like it. I'll let let you wait for pictures lol. Flip Floppin' Fun is also getting something new too!

Saturday is Adam's birthday so he doesn't want to do any work. So that means a trip the Big Beach Brewery is in order to celebrate! Mom and Dad should be here by then, they're packed to the brim too and transporting the new building sign for the whole complex, which I'm really excited about!!

Stay tuned for LOTS of new pictures and progress pictures of the work in Magnolia over on our Facebook page

Sunday, the big renovation of Magnolia starts!!

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