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Are you a foodie? Cause we totally are! Some of my friends think I'm totally "high maintenance" on this. If I'm on vacation I refuse to eat at a "chain" restaurant. The exception is if it's a chain that we don't have locally. But unless we are on our drive to or back from somewhere then I will not eat food from a place that I can eat at home! My new thing that I'm doing is eating something that I have never had from that particular restaurant or have something that I have never eaten before. It really makes eating out more fun! We also like to have fun drinks while at dinner as well, it just enhances the dining experience!

Depending on the time of year you go to Gulf Shores, also depends on if there are any dining specials. You can usually get specials from mid October to the end of February. "Snow Bird Season". This is a GREAT time to head down (condos are less expensive this time of year too), and surround yourself with all the amazing southern Gulf food and drinks!

We were initially going to head down just Adam and I, need a re-charge and time just the 2 of us! It was going to be a week of nothing but amazing food, salt air, beach walks, and doing all the things that we don't do when we have the kids and the weather is hot and we just want to be in the water. NOW because we got Magnolia, our time was cut to just a few days then we'll start on the renovation of Magnolia. HOWEVER before the renovation starts, we plan to eat out for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner and maybe go grab a couple drinks between lol. We are going to places that we have never been to and I'm sooooo excited!! Our amazing real estate agent eats out quite often and has given me a few spots that we need to go to. Places we are planning to hit up are; Big Fish Grill, Voyagers, Brick N Spoon, Anchor Bar, then there's a couple brand new new places called Sammich Shop and Oh So Early.

Places that we've been that we love? Top of the list is Fisher at Orange Beach Marina! This was amazing from appetizers to dessert! The whole meal was phenomenal! You'll spend more there if you eat in the dining room, but they also have a deck. It is currently closed for renovations after Sally, and we're really hoping it opens back up soon.

Another favorite is right across the street at Beach House Kitchen & Cocktail, the food is fresh and soooo tasty and DO NOT forget to have their Bushwacker! We think it's the best on the island!

We also like to go to The Royal Oyster to get their oyster flight and their super yummy spicy shrimp (the name is escaping me). This shrimp has sooo much flavor but be careful, cause it's packing some major heat! We ordered more just so we could take them and freeze them and have them at home sometime lol.

Cobalt in Orange Beach is also another favorite, their brunch is amazing!! Be sure to call ahead though - not sure how things are working with Covid.

Even though it's a major tourist trap WE LOVE LuLu's! What is great about it is that the food is always good, it's consistent, the kids have entertainment, and they work with food allergies!! Like, they're REALLY good with the food allergies!!!

What have been some of your favorite restaurants and why? We want to hear from you!

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