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Tips And Tricks For A Successful Day at the Beach!

We’ve all done it. Think ok, we have enough, OR we bring way too much. But what’s enough to keep the kids entertained, hydrated, lubed, and happy??

We are definitely NOT professionals. However, we have discovered some really cool things that have kept things clean and off the sand, and things that help keep the kids entertained. You’d think that because kids are at the beach there’d be plenty for them to do. Literally, we’ve told them to dig a hole and try to keep the water out of it lol.

When we are at the beach we go to the water every day and when we leave the condo to head down to the water, we rarely head back up to the condo for anything. So we're packing it all. Lots of sunscreen to reapply, drinks, food, snacks, umbrella, chairs, kites, sand toys, boogie boards, towels, etc. First, when packing a beach wagon (we provide these for all of our units) pack the heavy stuff towards the back of the wagon. Due to how the wagon is made, it's easier to pull the wagon and it's less tippy if you put the heavy stuff in the back. We forget this every once in a while and then before we're even across the dunes it tips and we're picking everything up. Like I said, we're not experts lol. One of our favorite features of the wagon is the tray that folds up with the drink holders. This is perfect to sit between a couple chairs and share some chips and dip!

Some great items we have found we have gotten from amazon. I LOVE these hooks! They work with tension and hold A TON! We hold our beach bags on them along with our portable speaker, and our walmart trash bag. Here's the link if you'd like to grab one for your next vacation - Umbrella Hook for Towels/Camera/Bags by Pole-R Bear: Sports & Outdoors

Another item we really like are towel clips. It does get windy on the beach, so it keeps them from blowing away. Even when it's not windy we use them because it just helps prevent your towel from sliding down the chair all the time. There are a ton of options out there and it's kinda fun to show some personality. My husband has some batman ones lol. I like these cute pretty flip flops. We clip them together when we aren't using them so that we don't lose one. Here's the link for these and of course they have other suggested as well. O2COOL Flip Flop BocaClips, Beach Towel Holders, Clips, Set of Two, Beach, Patio or Pool Accessories, Portable Towel Clips, Chip Clips, Secure Clips, Assorted Styles: Sports & Outdoors

This next item is AMAZING! Now, you're probably wondering how a beach towel can be so amazing. Well, we always get compliments on it! lol. It's HUGE, so it definitely helps us "mark our area" so to speak lol. It's compact and lightweight, you can get it back in the carrying bag it comes in, and comes with stakes. What's really great about it, is the sand comes right off it! If you've been to our beach town, then you know how the sand just gets everywhere and on everything! The sand easily

comes off this blanket so you can have a bit of an area that's sand free. It is not water proof, so water does pernitrate it, but I love how it works! Washing it, if you use sun oils or drop something oily on it, it doesn't seem to completely come out, however because it's so light weight, it does wash well. Byron's Games Sand Free Beach Mat Trailblazers Oasis Blanket for Beach, Camping, Picnic, More – Durable Nylon Repels Sand & Heat, Fits Whole Family – Extra Large Beach Blanket & Stakes, 10’ x 9’: Kitchen & Dining

One of our favorite items we got last year is Four Square Volleyball. We got our net from CrossNet and love the game! What we love is that the polls can get adjusted so our kids can play too. It's a lot of fun and entertaining. It's not as easy as you'd think lol. Set up is pretty straight forth, but as it is with all volleyball nets, it can take just a bit and you'll need a few people to help.

Let us know if you have any tips or tricks for a beach day that you'd like to share! I'm sure we can all use a bit of help!

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